Its hard to do my job when you shoot like that
— Confessions of a Duck Dog
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Ruger- The main man! The energetic and often vocal lab that has retrieved in excess of 2,000 birds in his short career! He is an excellent duck dog and even better family man.

*Voted most likely to steal a chocolate donut in the blind and lick you on first meeting



Aggie- Also known as "camp boss" is in her 10th year with a bird count long forgotten! She is still the fastest dog in the fleet on dry land and likes to nap in the goose spread!

* Voted most likely to play fetch in the goose field and eat a steak at dinner!









mat dog.jpg

Joe- The newest addition to the fleet will bring a champion and field trial proven dog to the mix! Everyone is excited to put the new guy to the test in Arkansas winter conditions.

*Voted most likely to take naps like his owner.....



Blue- AKA Camp dog.  So far we have figured out Blue likes the cook because she always has a treat. Blue is also excellent at comforting the hunters who have a bad day of shooting!

*Voted most likely to retrieve a ball not a duck