Hunt Blue-Winged Teal
in Eagle Lake, Texas

We hope your ready to see a sight. There isn’t anything much better than seeing ten thousand teal swooping around and then piling into your mojo right before we take aim. Eagle Lake has long been a destination for those wishing to shoot teal and pintail. We also have been known to shoot lots of Specks and Snows right off the vineyard (one of the oldest roost in the area) where are property is located

Duck Hunting

Early Season Teal - Blue Wing

Usually around mid September the prairie comes alive with Teal and lots of them! Always fun and always fast these teal swoop into mojo’s testing your speed and shot skill. Teal are also some of the best eating waterfowl!

Teal hunting presents an excellent opportunity to brush up on your duck skills and put some fine table fare on the plate!

Guided duck hunt

Rates and lodging

We sublease several lodges during the 15 day early teal season but you need to book very early to secure one. Otherwise we can recommend a nice hotel in Columbus or Sealy, Texas.

Our standard Teal rate is $175-$200 per gun per day. We require a 5 man minimum for a private group.