Snow Goose Conservation
in Arkansas

No plugs, No limits, and electronic calls

Duck season winds down and it opens up for a little pay back time on the white geese! Ran out of our lodge in Stuttgart we set massive spread and try out the latest tricks in the book. With Electronic calls designed just for snow geese to 1,800 decoys with rotary machines and tons of flip a flappers. Most hunts come with two guides just due to the size of the set up.

Arkansas Snow Goose Conservation

The Snow Show - Conservation season

Every goose hunters dream. Imagine 3,000 snow geese heading toward you with the bark of the electronic calls in the back ground. The stage is already set with 1,800 decoys dancing in the wind. When the volleys start don’t worry you will have plenty of ammo since you are legally allowed to be unplugged and running extended tubes.

Hunting Lodge


Our rates are as follow

$375 per day per gun - Private group requires 6 men. All hunts includes 1 night lodging and all meals. Most hunt dates require a 2 day minimum.

We are flexible to work on larger group size or smaller group sizes if needed.

Guided Hunts with Food

The Food

The majority of our Arkansas hunts include meals. We know two things - How to kill ducks and how to cook!

Typical day you will start with warm sausage biscuits and a variety of continental options. Then after you return from hunt we eat BBQ and a couple fresh prepared sides. Dinner is when we kick it in drive. We start with fried buffalo quail, chip, queso, buffalo dip, and shrimp brochette. Then we throw in a nice caesar salad, 16 oz bone-in ribeye, and loaded mashed potatoes, and finish it off with Danyell’s Love cake or hot brownies and ice cream.

We are fortunate to have a great chef- She will make sure you don’t go hungry at any point in the day.